El Khaldiya a graphic Novel


Cover 01-


Written by Mohamed El-Bisatie
Illustrated by Mialn Hulsing
Format: Paperback , 140 pages
Size: 17X24 cm
On Sale: January 15 , 2014
Price: $8.49 / 50 Egp
Language: Arabic

“ The story of the graphic novel. focuses on civil servant Salem, who invents the city of “Khaldiya”
so that he can collect the salaries of an equallyimaginary local police force. He produces fake documents Continue reading

Cairo, second Edition


Cairo Blues

Written by pino creanza
Illustrated by pino creanza
Translated by Hania Moheeb
Format: Paperback , 88 pages
Size: 17X24.5 cm
On Sale: january 18 , 2014
Price: $5.99 / 30 Egp
Language: Arabic

With the revolution, Cairo has reinvented itself, it transformed into
a new city.
It is a different Cairo from the one that used to exist during the
Mubarak days, thus: Cairo… Second Edition.